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Blatantly, a lover of everything awesome. In Kpop; Infinite, EXO, U-Kiss, Bangtan Boys, B2ST, B1A4 and amazing oldies such as DeulGeukHwa. In K Indie; M Signal, Adult Child, Sogyumo Acacia Band, eAeon and countless others. In Literature; Haruki Murakami, Elif Shafak and many more. You will find an abundance of all these everywhere on my blog. Enjoy~!
His name was Huang Zi Tao. Huang Zi Tao had Bistre brown hair, raw umber eyes, and skin the right balance of olive and milk. He also possessed a smile of almost intangible existence, but yet one that was capable of plummeting through the hollows of ones heart and bringing forth a feeling similar to the one provided by death, only one of much more pleasure.


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Dancing is a cool thing as well, but for me, not as much as rapping.

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When Luhan messed with Chanyeol

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It is not the possession of truth, but the success which attends the seeking after it, that enriches the seeker and brings happiness to him.
— Max Planck, Where is Science Going? (via observando)
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He nominated Lee Joon, Zion.T, Choi Ji-woo

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